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  • Product Introduction

    • Hardware Introduction

    • Hardware Route

      What we can provide in hardware is as follows:
      1. We are in possession of abundant kidsoperating system production line and have the characteristic product appearance design.
      2. According to customers requirements, we will provide them with flexible hardware contexts, including the single core, dual core and quad core.
      3. All our products have passed the strict kids safety products certificate.
    • Apps

      1. We will provide our own kids operating system IWIT OS 2.5 with the professional R & D team.
      2. We will provide the service of software license and preconcert development.
      3. We will provide dozens of our own kids apps.
      4. We will provide the preloading of more than 500 kids apps for free.
  • Educational Contents

    1. 100 Childrens interactive story books at 6 categories.
    2. 50 Childrens Encyclopedia at 5 categories.
    3. The whole childrens Pre-school English teaching books.
    4. The whole childrens early education books.
  • Internet service

  • Customized Service